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Helping Insurance Companies Leverage Information and Maximize Growth 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides a single solution for records management, document management, and business process automation.

Our specialists in New Business, Underwriting, Claims, Agency, Operations, and Customer Service solutions have implemented  Enterprise Content Management solutions for over 400 insurance companies, helping them achieve lasting success by improving their risk and capital management processes while maintaining efficiency and regulatory standards.

While some products help you make one process faster, DataBank provides a holistic approach to your business by helping Insurance companies manage all paper, print, electronic, multi-media, e-mail, and web content files, speeding-up the claims process and improving the efficiency of all other areas of your business, including underwriting, accounting, and customer service.

Key Benefits: 

  • Increase new business capacities
  • Reduce new underwriting approval windows
  • Enable operations improvement without additional staff
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase efficiency with instant and secure access to claims files
  • Find and hire the best people



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Efficiently manage content, including ACORD forms,meet compliance and security regulations with ease. 


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Integrate with any business application the insurance industry relies on