Why allocate all of your time and skilled resources to the cloud when you can partner with a cloud expert? We’re a true services provider, helping you map your goals, migrate your applications and software to the cloud, and take on monitoring and basic maintenance to keep your organization running smoothly.

The DataBank Cloud runs on AWS, and we’ll migrate you and maintain your cloud for you – both included in your subscription price. There’s no separate fees.

Increased Productivity

Your teams will have plenty of time to work on valuable projects rather than monitoring and maintaining your cloud because we’ll handle it for you.

Little to no downtime

Migration and maintenance, it’s done without disruption to your business. Plus, we’re always on alert in case of an event within your system. You don’t need anymore distractions.

Supercharged Accessibility

We’re managing your cloud, but that doesn’t mean we control it. You’ll have all the access you need to third-party integrations, external apps, and databases as needed.

OnBase Without the Redtape

Custom code and integrations are fully supported, making The DataBank Cloud flexible and scalable that fluctuates with your business needs.

We’re a partner, not another software vendor

We’re very different from a vendor, who may help you migrate and then release you into the wild. Instead, we’re an ally, supporting you post-migration, and ready when you want to build something new.

Top Tier Protection in the Cloud

Learn more about security in The DataBank Cloud →

DataBank is first and foremost a services company, and this product is another way we’ll continue serving our clients. We hire the best talent so that our clients don’t have to, and so they can trust large projects like cloud migrations to a partner that already knows their needs and their business.

Adam Herrmann, VP, Professional Services

Visualize your roadmap to the cloud.
Your Roadmap to the Cloud

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