Go beyond maintaining and supercharge OnBase with accelerated Amplification Services. Fully loaded systems administration and development, roadmapping and assessments, and complete access to DataBank’s OnBase experts to maximize your investment.

Work We Do

New solution development

End-user training

Admin sit-withs

Continuous configuration

Annual upgrades

Annual road mapping and enterprise assessment

Rapid project prioritization

Dedicated project work

Access to all of DataBank's technical functions to accelerate progress

See how a large County government was able to get a backlog of 60 OnBase projects out of the way with Amplification Services Accelerate.



“Their initial goal was to start working with these agencies throughout the county to design and implement new solutions to better their everyday use, and help their clients with their pain points. They just weren’t getting that desired outcome because of the backlog. So DataBank, coming into the fold, we were able to help start driving some of these solutions and projects, and completing these projects for the agencies.”

Andy Schuster, Program Manager, DataBank

“I just got off of a call where an end user struggling to find different things in her scan batch list, and we were able to really just go through it to locate the documents. In this case I am in a training role and showing the user how to use different features that they don't see as part of their original training class. I'm solving an issue, but I'm also training them on how to do different things that might even help them every day.”

Greg Kuebel, OnBase Support Engineer, DataBank

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