Logistics Use Cases

Enable Straight-Through Processing

Never enter the same information twice. Establish automation in a way that minimizes manual tasks and having to work with multiple systems, providing you the ability to focus on more business-critical tasks and exception handling.

Automate Manual Processes

Workflow functionality, whether or not it’s being used outside of an existing solution or LOB, provides the ability to exchange information between external data sources and automates processes regardless of what triggers it.

Automate Bills of Lading Processes

Stop fighting your shipping processes. With an electronic bill of lading (eBOL) solution, you can streamline your processes, digitize and automate invoices, enable 24/7 mobile access and increase visibility across the board.

Augment Legacy TMS Systems

TMS Augmentation provides additional automation capabilities to your TMS is lacking. This can include automated data exchange, content management capabilities, easier reporting, and data consolidation.

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