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We want to change how your organization works with documents, content, and data. AI-powered document processing is at the center of this solution to efficiently classify and structure high volumes of records, learning and improving over time to scale results.


Our regional data management centers address the paper files and records that many organizations still handle. These secure facilities process and digitize critical information for some of the country’s largest healthcare, government, and privately owned organizations. Digitally native records like email attachments, PDFs, and even faxes are securely delivered to our teams to be processed.


We are outcomes-obsessed and understand that technology alone can’t always reach the accuracy needs our clients have come to depend on. We staff teams with specific industry expertise for a complete human-in-the-loop validation process. This approach helps to address complex structuring and classification, such as historic handwritten forms or lab results.


Our Process – Your Content Intelligence Journey


Digital modernization” is a journey, not a destination. We designed this offering to meet you where you are. Let’s take this one step at a time.




We pride ourselves on security.


We follow a mature, multi-layered security framework to keep your data safe in transit and at rest.


First layer
Managed endpoint security and network/systems


Second layer

  • Managed SIEM and threat intelligence
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Email protection services
  • Network behavioral analysis
  • Advanced persistent threat management


Third Layer
Policies and procedures

The IDP Guide 


Want to learn more about modern document processing? We wrote the book on it.


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Content Intelligence at Work


Learn how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ department of vital records decreased their request fulfillment time by 70% through digitizing & structuring records dating back to the 1930s. We utilized AI to understand and structure the data within the records and a team of experts to validate and field under a 98% accuracy rate – ultimately improving how they serve their citizens.


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Record and data management doesn’t have to be so brutal. Together, we can change the way you work.
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