As a company that specializes in creating efficient, collaborative remote, and hybrid work environments, we’re proud to have dozens of tight-knit teams across the country that do all of their work from whatever state (or time zone) they wish.

“My favorite part about the remote office structure at DataBank is the balance it allows me to have between work and everything else life throws my way. The technology we have access to allows me to easily connect with colleagues, customers, and partners so that we can collaborate on work seamlessly, without the need to be face to face every day. Working from my home office enables me to more effectively help our customers and gives me more time to spend with my family and passions outside of work! “


Charlie Bauer

Director, Strategic Partnerships

“Working remotely has allowed me to focus on the things that matter to me in life – working hard to excel in my position here at DataBank and being present for my family and friends. Most importantly, working remotely is a great benefit for my mental and physical health and work-life balance!”


Samantha Turner

Head of Demand Generation

“I have always loathed a long commute after a busy day. Now that I work remotely for DataBank’s Professional Services team, I can be out on the water when everyone else is still driving home.”


Sean Meldrum

Business Analyst

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