Robots aren’t taking over, they are just helping us improve your documents.


So what exactly is AI-powered document processing?” you might ask. If your organization is like our clients, you are dealing with a staggering number of records and other content – in digital and paper formats.


In order for people to efficiently access these records across your systems, they need to be indexed, classified, or structured. In other words, people want to search for your organization’s records like they search for a new pair of shoes on Google. That’s where we come in.


The technology works to understand and structure the data within your records. This is a date of birth. That is a name. This is the amount due. That is a lab result.


Our team works agnostically across several technology partners to ensure we find the right fit for you. The technology is learning and improving over time with the help of our experts, who also validate the accuracy and results every step of the way.

Use Cases


    These are common use cases we see, though we certainly aren’t limited to these areas. 


    We’ve just gotten particularly good at them.


    • AP processing: Extracting invoice data for straight-through AP processing
    • Patient records: Classifying & structuring patient records
    • Employee files: Digitizing & structuring employee files
    • Government records: Digitizing & classifying mass volumes of constituent files for governments
    • Manufacturing process modernization: Digitize and streamline your operations, including critical records like bills of lading
    • Land records & well logs: Improve the reportable value of your assets by going digital and structuring the data



    We’re all just trying to save time and money, right?


    1. Plow through millions of records: In the olden days, documents were indexed and classified manually, requiring dozens of dedicated staff and countless hours. Now your team can scan the files to us, or let us handle that for you. We then work alongside the technology to process in days what would’ve taken months.
    2. Improve access to your most important content: We work with some of the largest healthcare, government, and private sector organizations in the country. The records we process are critical to their operations and ability to serve stakeholders. Ensure your people have access to the right information – where and when they need it most.
    3. Power the systems you already work in: Document processing is simply meant to improve your data and information. We deliver the results agnostically to any system you use. If you need advice on where it should go, we can help with that too.

    How it Works


    As the saying goes – you get what you give.


    Technology alone can’t solve our problems. When applied incorrectly, it can actually make things worse. In order for this tech to deliver the results we’re all looking for, humans have to do some heavy lifting first. We have a stacked team and 30+ years of document processing experience that we put to work to build the full-service solution you need. 


    The team partners closely with you to understand your desired outcomes. We are technology agnostic, which means we identify the right combination of technology from our bench of vendor partners and build out a proof of concept from scanning, to structuring, to validation and delivery.

    Our Process


    This outlines the approach we generally take; however, we partner closely with you to define a custom approach. During our upfront discovery process and proof of concept, we guide you toward the best possible approach to align your accuracy, timing, and cost expectations.




    Dealing with Paper Files


      Time to finally knock out your paper problem.


      When dealing with physical paper records, we have several options.

      1. We pick up your records and bring them to one of our regional data management centers.
      2. When dealing with exceptionally large volumes, we can set-up onsite scanning.
      3. You can ship us your records.
      4. You scan the records onsite and securely send them to us for processing


      From there, we put the technology and our experts to work. No matter how we receive your records, we deliver the outcomes you need.



      Multi-layer security for your multitude of data.


      When your data reaches one of our data management centers, it’s in good hands. We’ve developed a highly trusted security fabric that includes ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance attestation which we commit to supporting year-round. 


      We can work within one of our existing frameworks like NIST, HIPAA, or HITRUST, or we can map our controls to really any requirements you have, even completely custom compliance programs.


      Your records and information is continuously monitored by intricate tools and real IS experts like through Managed Endpoint Security and Network/Systems, Managed SIEM and Threat Intelligence, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention.


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