Get out from under the weight of paper files


Your paper documentation is unorganized, a mess to sift through, and is eating away at your budget and time? If this sounds familiar, then it’s likely time that you consider the cost of clinging to your paper files.


We scan and digitize more than 1 billion documents every year at our three data management centers, allowing our clients to get out from under tedious, paper-centric tasks and move on to what’s truly going to move the needle. We work with some of the largest organizations in healthcare, the public sector, energy, financial services, manufacturing, and more, who are all reaping the benefits and feeling considerably lighter after shedding the paper weight.

Document quantity


When we say “high volume,” we mean it.


We specialize in high volume document scanning services that help organizations transform their paper-based documents into digital formats, making them easily accessible and searchable. Our advanced technology and expert team make it possible to handle large volumes of documents quickly and accurately. 


DataBank’s mass document scanning specializes in high volume projects, processing hundreds of boxes every single day. Pick-ups from record warehouses are common for our facilities and we’ve gained expertise in making the process painless for you. Bring your archive and current records into the modern era to set you on a path to true transformation.

File formats


Got file types? We can handle that.


We regularly deal with complex file types and formats across the spectrum of industries we work with – LOBs, medical records, well records, all kinds of contracts – the list goes on. Our teams work with you to inventory and identify record types so that we can then ensure each page of your file is scanned and delivered. 


Whether we import data into your existing ECM system or business application, host it in the cloud, or write it to a requested format (CD, DVD, Hard drive, etc.), we guarantee secure, hassle-free delivery of your information.



Archival and transactional documents


We fit into how you do business


Whether you’re wanting to blast through a backlog of records sitting in storage, or transform your paper-based processes to a digital format, we can help. We can schedule regular pick-ups of your documents from your location or have them routed directly to a P.O box and delivered back digitally, right to the teams within your organization who need them.


Going digital doesn’t have to mean an inconvenient upheaval. Our goal is to minimize the impact so you can keep your organization moving.

Our Process


Get your documents scanned, and don’t lift a finger – win win. 


So, how does it work? It’s probably not a huge surprise, but we take your physical content and assets and convert them into digital files using high-volume document scanning machines manned by our team members at one of our three data management centers.


To get started, we’ll set up a discovery to understand the volume and scope of your project and identify where and how you need your information delivered. Physical files will either be picked up or shipped, and if you have digital files you want indexed alongside your physical ones, we can process those too.



There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life – but this is one you can count on.


A concern we often encounter when clients convert from physical to digital files is accuracy – how can I ensure that the files we’ll deliver are clean, without missing pages or out of order?


We use human validation and review to ensure accuracy, nothing is mindlessly scanned without oversight. We’ll also work with you to understand your documents and data, providing the best data entry solution for your needs. Whether it’s through our trusted team of processing experts or intelligent document processing, our data validation and stringent quality control processes assure your digital images and data are accurate. We use best-in-class processes and technologies so your digital files are just as readable as your paper ones – and they’re way more accessible.



Your data is sensitive and it should be treated that way.


Document scanning is where we got our start, so our security was originally built to support high volume scanning projects. 


Your data will be secured in our national network of SOC Type II certified redundant production centers, along with advanced 24-hour, 365 days a week monitoring, allowing you to relax knowing your information is always in safe hands. Additional security and compliance certifications include ICSA Labs, ISO 27001, and HIMSS Gold.


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