Why We Built The DataBank Cloud


So why did we build The DataBank Cloud? We kept seeing a similar pattern of cloud products that didn’t provide everything our clients needed. Sure, they had made the move “to the cloud,” but now their system was running at a snail’s pace, or access to external apps was cut off, or customer service was a pain, or…


You get the point. And you shouldn’t have to choose between a fully functioning platform and hosting in the cloud. We didn’t set out to create a cloud product, but we did because we knew there had to be a better solution. So, we took matters into our own hands and built The DataBank Cloud just for you.


Hear from DataBank CEO Matt Charlson about what brought us down the path of making our own cloud product.

The DataBank Cloud is a flexible, secure, and comprehensive hosting solution built specifically for OnBase. Powered by AWS, The DataBank Cloud offers you service support and features like built-in managed hosting and 24/7 monitoring without cutting off your access to external applications or 3rd-party integrations.


Best of all? With The DataBank Cloud, you have direct access to our Cloud Team, so if there’s an issue with your system or you have a question, you’re connected to the person who can help you actually fix the problem. 


Advanced security, supercharged accessibility, and cloud hosting on your terms, all created for OnBase.

Your Roadmap to the Cloud

DataBank is first and foremost a services company, and this product is another way we’ll continue serving our clients. We hire the best talent so that our clients don’t have to, and so they can trust large projects like cloud migrations to a partner that already knows their needs and their business.

Adam Herrmann, VP, Professional Services


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