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Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Right For Your Organization?

Determining whether or not could benefit from RPA begins with taking a look at your internal processes. RPA might be a fit if you find the following patterns.

Case Study: Enabling Remote Work for a Wealth Management Organization Through Paper Capture & Extraction

A cost-effective scanning and content management solution has helped Atlas Wealth Management manage approximately 11,000 legacy files
Digital Trends

Current Trends in Digital Transformation To Start Adopting Now

Here are some of the top digital trends that organizations are putting into practice now and why.

Digitize Land Records

4 Benefits to Digitizing Oil & Gas Land Records

Without digital land records, you unnecessarily extend the time to sell. Eliminate paper processes for better data quality and increased property value.

Systems Administrator

Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Your Next Systems Administrator

Finding the perfect fit for your open Systems Admin role can be time-consuming and expensive. Here are six reasons to start outsourcing your IT.

Robert Manshack

Data Expert: Robert Manshack

Robert is a lifelong learner and naturally curious person who enjoys seeing business solutions come to life through technology.

Healthcare Patient Data Management

Information Blocking Regulations: 5 Major Takeaways for Healthcare Organizations

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) published the final Information Blocking Rule. Here are 5 major takeaways.

Software Isn’t Going to Solve Your Problem

Reaching digital maturity doesn’t come from purchasing new technology. Solutions start with your people and processes. Here’s why.

Jason and Shane

DataBank Promotes Two Leaders to CIO and SVP of Sales and Marketing

DataBank announces promotions of Shane Bryant to CIO and Jason Engen to SVP of Sales and Marketing.

Data-Driven Organization

The Holistic Approach to Getting the Most Out of Your Data

We exist to help you unlock the insights that allow your entire organization to make faster, better, and more confident decisions. Here’s how we do it.

DataBank Rebrand

A New Era of DataBank

CEO, Matt Charlson writes about the new DataBank identity. Discover what’s new and where we’re headed.

Elyse Daoust

Industry Innovator: Elyse Daoust

Elyse, Business Development Director, discusses her job and how COVID-19 is affecting digital transformation strategies.

patient healthcare

Utilizing Top Healthcare IT in Outpatient Facilities to Reduce Costs and Streamline Care Coordination

High insurance premiums, tall deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses are just some overheads patients have to face for adequate health and wellness in this country.

project management

The Opportunity of Failure

Does your recollection of a project in hindsight only focus on successes? Rethink your process and learn from missed opportunities.

Healthcare Data

How to Ease the Pain and Overcome Healthcare Data Management Inefficiency

Health information is constantly changing throughout a patient’s life, so the method of how it is collected, stored, and transferred is critical.


The Next Step for Insurance in the Cloud Adoption Journey

Insurers of all sizes are choosing the cloud for storing critical documents and record retention to keep them ahead of evolving technologies.

Breaking the Barrier to Oil & Gas Information Management

New technologies help overcome current challenges in the Oil & Gas industry, including unpredictability, rapid workforce changes, and generational gaps.

program management

3 Keys To Successful Program Management

Overcoming the challenges that come with managing interdependencies while simultaneously maintaining focus on achieving the business objectives takes more than just tactical skills like project planning, action item tracking, and managing a budget.

healthcare IT

Utilizing Top Healthcare IT in Outpatient Facilities to Reduce Costs and Streamline Care Coordination

High premiums, tall deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket expenses are just some overheads patients have to face for adequate health in this country.


Oklahoma Focused

When most people think of government it’s safe to say the last thing they think about is innovation and transformation. After this year’s Oklahoma Digital Government Summit, that statement couldn’t be more false.


6 Questions to Ask About Distributed Capture

Frequently asked questions about distributed capture.


Utilizing Lean Six Sigma to Streamline Your Health System’s Operational Processes

Utilize Lean Six Sigma to streamline patient documents and records.

government building

Inside Three Public Access Viewer Solutions at the State of Nebraska

We help the State of Nebraska take important documents and make them available to the public using Hyland’s Public Access Viewer (PAV) in OnBase.

Insurance Disasters

Feast Not Famine: Catastrophic Loss Impacts Insurers’ Ability to Service

Natural catastrophes have emphasized the necessary technologies and actions Property & Casualty insurers need for optimal efficiency.

Healthcare Data

Mergers & Acquisitions: How Your Health System Can Enable Interoperability Throughout the Entire Network

As healthcare systems continue to consolidate, the opportunity to improve the quality of care by streamlining healthcare data is exponential.

Data Work

Guiding Principles Of Data Migration: Everything you need to know to ensure a smooth migration

Preparing and understanding how to move your data properly will help avoid any preliminary pitfalls, and make a successful migration possible.

Data Cloud

Lessons Learned from Migrating to the Cloud

Jim Erb, Senior Systems Engineer, has worked with the Hyland GCS team to help clients migrate to the cloud. Here are his lessons learned.

Data Cloud

OnBase On-Premise vs OnBase Cloud Solutions

There’s a lot to consider when moving to an advanced ECM solution, but above all, one of the first deciding factors is figuring out where to host it.


5 Benefits Of Document Scanning In The Pharma World

Pharma companies are now requiring that documents be scanned, digitized, and managed online. Document scanning keeps data safer and more organized.

government building

Web Portal Solutions: What Today’s Connected Citizens Expect from Government

Government web portals have expanded capabilities helping transform the way they work internally and how they deliver services to stakeholders.

Data Structuring

Unstructured Data: Filling the Gaps in IT Systems

Unstructured data take a long time to locate and also costs money to store, duplicate and distribute. With ECM, core systems can restore their value and bring efficiency back to the workplace.

Data Cloud

Creating a Vision for Risk and Security Management

When it comes to risk management, it’s important to develop a compelling vision that the whole organization can understand. 

Fortune 500 Company Goes Digital

Our client sought out a digital mailroom solution that would eliminate obstacles to remote work and provide seamless distribution, collaboration and operational control.

Case Study: Innovative Digital Strategy Gets Results

A leading producer of agronomic solutions partnered with DataBank to transform Accounts Payable.

Case Study: Digital Workflows for Human Capital Management

A leading manufacturer partnered with DataBank to structure sensitive human resources documents and increase accessibility to critical information.

Case Study: Streamlined Operations for Leading Financial Services Firm

A global financial services firm partnered with DataBank to automate its new account setup process and free up employees bogged down by manual paper processes.

3 Proven Steps to a Successful Document Scanning Project

Nothing slows down business processes like paper. In a study by Deloitte, 94% of respondents agreed that digital transformation is a top strategic priority for their organizations.

What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and How Can It Be Used Across Each Industry?

Today, RPA is a vital part of most business process solutions, whether we actively built it for that or not.

The Facets of Process Improvement: Optimization & Culture

We’ve talked through process mapping, what it is, and how you can leverage it. We even dug into process mining and how to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of your solution.

Industry Innovator: Kathy Berger

Kathy Berger, Director of Business Development, is a passionate changemaker with years of experience accelerating digital journies across nearly every industry.

The ultimate goal in any migration is to minimize downtime and provide a seamless change to the end-user.

“Cloud First” and OnBase – How?

The principle behind the Cloud-First strategy dictates that anytime a new IT project, environmental refresh, or technological initiative is in the discovery phase, cloud solutions should always be considered.

Is It Time To Bridge Your Mailroom’s Analog-to-Digital Gap?

One area of business operations I knew would be impacted by so many changes in workplace operations [during the pandemic] would be something behind the scenes that many employees don’t interact with or maybe even think about – the mailroom. 

Lessons Learned: Strategies for Managing Change in the Remote Workspace

Many plans and priorities were thrown out the window to make room for responding to the pandemic, forcing government agencies across the country to react quickly and implement changes never before seen in government, all while moving employees out of the office to work remotely from the safety of their homes.

Case Study: Creating Efficiencies in Accounts Payable

Processing roughly 50,000 invoices on average each year, Loram of Maintenance Way, Inc. needed a way to cut down on processing and retrieval time.

Bringing Efficiency to Admissions

St. John’s University revitalized the Admissions department with data intake and management solutions.

Case Study: Better Business Process Leads to Change for Headington Oil

Headington Oil bolstered its IT staff, ensured compliance and improved employee productivity with content management services.

Case Study: Northeast Utilities Cuts Invoicing Time by 90%

Northeast Utilities needed to cut down invoicing time to better serve customers and protect employee time.

Case Study: Mitigating Risk for Utilities Cooperative

Seminole Electric implemented new digital processes ahead of a new power plant build, resulting in streamlined information management.

Simplified Workflows for Radio One

Radio One centralized workflows and created efficiencies with automation.

Case Study: ECM Solution Increases Productivity

VSR Financial Services shifts gears to a new content management system to improve compliance and processing capacity.

Case Study: Cost Savings for Midwestern Insurer

Kansas City Life had a goal to cut costs and increase productivity, so they partnered with DataBank for content management services.

The Hidden Dangers of DIY Upgrades

Your investment in IT isn’t an area where you want to cut corners.


The Facets of Process Improvement: Process Mapping

To truly achieve process improvement you must first understand your goal as an organization

patient healthcare

The New Patient Experience: (Re)Engineered by COVID

Healthcare providers have had to implement new, adaptable approaches and solutions to see patients and treat them from afar

The Changing Role of It & How Data Consolidation Can Help

When everyone was asked to pivot their operations and move their workforce online, who did they turn to for help? IT.

Healthcare Data

Building A Winning Strategy for Digital Transformation in Insurance

Whether you are playing a board game at home or working on ways to accelerate your digital insurance strategy, you need to build sound strategies that have proven results against your environmental and competitive threats. 

Matt Charlson

The Importance of Principles in Business from CEO, Matt Charlson

Here at DataBank, we believe culture rules everything. A good organizational strategy, planning, and ideas will not see the light of day if the culture does not allow for teamwork and collaboration.


Industry Innovator: Mike Current

Our September Industry Innovator is our very own in-house upgrade expert and one of our favorite guest bloggers, Mike Current.

4 Ways to Update Your Solution Maturity and Outdated Processes from Home

With busy schedules, keeping up with the constant changes in our world, and the mix of working remotely at home and in the office, it’s easy to push off enhancement projects to your already working solutions. 


A Government Leader’s Guide to Digital Innovation & Transformation

Government agencies are aggressively exploring ways to leverage technologies and streamline processes to better serve their employees and citizens. Find out how.

Matt Charlson

A Reflection of the Past and Future Decades with DataBank

DataBank CEO, Matt Charlson, reflects on DataBank and helping organizations enhance the way they work through process improvements and emerging technology deployments.

Healthcare Data

Purging The Paper – How Your Health System Can Reach HIMSS Stage 7

Ebonye White, Client Engagement Manager, talks about her past experiences in helping health systems tackle HIMSS Stage 7 requirement: no more paper in patient charts.


2020 OnBase Vision: The Cloud

Upgrade your Hyland OnBase system so you can identify new improvements, enabling your users and organization like never before.

Case Study: Remote Physician Practice Document Management

Learn how Einstein Health was able to better manage their ambulatory and practice data with a Remote Document Management solution.

Case Study: Southcoast Stays Ahead with Online Services

Learn how Southcoast Health was able to gain a 15% boost in productivity and is able to handle a larger workload at the same staff level.

Case Study: Freeing Employees for Higher-Value Tasks with BPA

Learn how a top academic health system was able to utilize advanced technology and human ingenuity to free up staff for other mission-critical tasks.

Case Study: Collaboration Efforts to Achieve HIMSS Stage 7

Learn how one of the largest academic health systems revamped their medical records capture process to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 Certification.

Case Study: Ensure Higher Integrity of Medical Records

Learn how a top health system was able to consolidate their health information following a merger with a strict Quality Assurance Program.

Improving the Efficiency of Health Data Intake

Learn how a top New York health system was able to improve their records management workflows with outsourced medical records processing

Increasing Indexing Quality & Speed with BPA

Learn how the largest health system in Delaware was able to improve the integrity of their medical records with a strict indexing and classification solution.

Case Study: City of Lincoln, Nebraska

Find out how a workflow for one division expanded into a citywide executive order solution that every department can utilize.

Case Study: Minnesota Pollution Control

By working with OnBase to centralize the information request process, the MPCA cut the amount of time spent on each request from over 2.5 hours down to 10 to 30 minutes each.

Case Study: Broward Sheriff’s Office

A cost-effective document management solution has helped the Broward Sheriff’s Office manage more than 10,000 applicant files and countless other records.

patient healthcare

Mobile Healthcare Applications: The Next Frontier

Innovations in HIT are helping clinicians combat COVID-19 and alleviating some of the burdens in their day-to-day workflows.

Aaron Ogden

Industry Innovator: Aaron Ogden

Aaron shares his passion for finding innovative ways to help customers effectively pursue their business objectives.

Matt Charlson

A Letter From Our New President, Matt Charlson

DataBank welcomes new president, Matt Charlson.


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