Map Data Ecosystem


In conjunction with the strategic planning sessions, all existing systems, data inputs, and outputs should be mapped to understand your organization at a macro level. This process helps to set priorities for the cross-functional team. Once outlined, this ecosystem map will guide decisions throughout the transformation initiative.

Improve Data Intake


How are your various teams intaking new data in their processes today? Far more organizations that you would think still rely on paper-driven forms and processes. Even “digital” processes can be antiquated and require more manual work than necessary. Our focus here is to cut off day-forward paper processes by building custom digital forms or collaborating with one of our software partners, like Nintex, Bottomline, or Hyland, to shut off your paper at the source. For natively digital intake, we look to partners like AWS and KnowledgeLake to more accurately extract and make use of the information trapped inside emails, documents, and attachments.

Aggregate Data Across Teams


Normalizing and aggregating data across disparate departmental systems is one of the most impactful changes to prioritize. In order to truly connect your teams, you have to start by looking under the hood. What identifiers can be utilized across various systems to aggregate and normalize your data? Tactics such as data lakes or data warehouses can be utilized to bring this data together, drastically increasing the value it presents to your organization.

Plan for Change Management


Change is difficult, even for those of us who build our careers on it. Planning ahead for the pain that some individuals in your organization may experience is often undervalued by change drivers, but we can assure you that any time spent to make this flow more smoothly will be paid back in dividends upon implementation. People want to feel like they are part of the change, not simply ordered to create new systems and habits. Change management tactics, including organizational change management, should undoubtedly be included in your roadmap.

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