Trust the data you see with human approval

You’ll hear us say this a lot – technology alone won’t solve your problems. 


There are a lot of software companies who may make this claim, but we’ve been around long enough to know that without human oversight, technology can be an even bigger headache. 


Human-in-the-loop is where technology and the human knowledge that can’t be replaced come together, perfectly balancing each other and bringing the best of both worlds. 


AI is incredibly accurate, and has come a long way – but we still want the confidence of knowing you’re getting what you need. And we believe that only humans can do that. 

AI is and will continue to be a hot topic with many opinions on its uses and future focus. While there are a lot of important conversations being had around its implications, we are and will remain strong believers 


In fact, our entire company is rooted in that belief, and all of our services are built to provide human solutions to technology problems, not the other way around. 

How it Works


We step in where needed to deliver the results we promise


Before your information is scanned and/or indexed, we work with you to understand your goals for the data – things like what information is most critical to your work, what is collected primarily for storage purposes, where does all this data need to go.


Based on this discovery work, we build a model so that as data is extracted it’s structured based on pre-defined keywords and objectives. A real person verifies that results are as expected throughout the process and makes real-time adjustments based on your requirements.


From there, it’s delivered to wherever you need it – and immediately accessible to your teams.



98% or higher – guaranteed with human-in-the-loop.


You might wonder, what does a human presence really bring to the table with intelligent document processing? Isn’t the tech itself pretty accurate? 


It is, but its not fool-proof. A human-in-the-loop is. 


AI-Powered Document Processing guarantees at least 98% accuracy; OCR, for example, averages around 85-90%. Those few percentage points make a big difference when it comes to critical, sensitive data. 


If you’re going to the lengths of investing in data structuring and classification, you might as well make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Our People


The humans in the loop.


Fun fact: over a third of our workforce are located in our data management centers, and they bring with them a wealth of expertise in different industries, document types, security measures, and classification methods. 


They’re the true powerhouse of our organization, and the reason why we’re able to support the kind of accuracy our clients need. 



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