Student applications are up 30% since the pandemic.


Manual handling of administrative tasks increases the risk of compliance violations, financial discrepancies, and unsatisfactory student services. Swap to automated document processing and accurate data flow throughout your systems for sound decision-making.

Departments positively impacted: Admissions, Financial Aid, Finance, Institutional Advancement, Registrars, Human Resources, Procurement, CIO

If departments are accessing incomplete or different views of data, you’ve got a silo problem. Break free of the seclusion by implementing a system that provides organizational-wide data sharing and boosts collaboration.

Poor data management not only affects your teams and prospects but also delays financial operations. Automate invoicing, expense tracking, and payment reconciliations to expedite cash conversion time and improve vendor relationships.

Our services:


AI-Powered Document Processing

The first step to fully automating is freeing your organization of paper. We utilize artificial intelligence to automatically index your documents, and then extract and structure the data within them to be system-ready. Our education experts then validate the data to guarantee its accuracy.

Our controls and procedures are also SOC Type II compliant, follow FERPA regulations, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, meaning student information will be kept secure and confidential and easily accessible by authorized users. 

Automate processes around student records, enrollment, financial aid applications, transcripts, diplomas, course registration, HR, invoices, and more.


Content Management Systems


Once your data is structured, we can integrate it into any system. If you’re looking for an accessible system for your institution, we can plan, map, implement, and support OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM), allowing the entire organization and stakeholders to access your data from anywhere.


See how the University of North Florida used OnBase to automate new student gym access.

Higher Education Use Cases


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