Healthcare providers are being asked to navigate the complexities of in-person care as well as a record increase in mobile appointments. Our solution powered by Bottomline enables healthcare organizations to collect discrete patient information before registration while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Protect Patients and Providers by Minimizing Direct Contact


Gather pre-visitation information safely with minimal contact. Our remote registration platform accepts Patient Health Information (PHI) and consent remotely on mobile devices at the Point of Care.

Ensure Security and HIPAA Compliance


The mobile forms solution allows for the collection of discrete patient data while maintaining full HIPAA compliance. Patients complete pre-visitation documents from the comfort and safety of their homes and the data is made available within your EMR before the set appointment time.

Improve the Patient Experience and HCAHPS Scores


Enable patients to complete pre-visitation forms remotely. Our easy-to-use platform has been proven to improve patient satisfaction and increase HCAHPS-related reimbursement rates.


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