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Cloud hosting can deliver 4.01 times the return on investment (ROI) compared with on-premise hosting. Costs like maintaining hardware and surprise costs are removed when hosting with cloud as well as increasing interconnectivity and security across your organization.


After experience with various cloud environments over the years, we had a thought: Why not just do it ourselves, but better? And with that, The DataBank Cloud was born, and we established the most comprehensive hosting environment for your OnBase system. Shifting to The DataBank Cloud means an end to wasted time, energy, and resources to maintain your on-prem environment and full control over your OnBase hosting with added security and predictability.

Comprehensive OnBase hosting:


The DataBank Cloud has features for days, but we’ll let you explore those on your own time (hint; click below). The one we’re proudest of though is we are a cloud partner who will guide and consult with you from the moment you inquire to launch to continued hosting and long-term planning. 


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