From paper documents to LOB databases and legacy servers, we’ll guide you through the entire classification process by combining our expertise and knowledge of each industry to meet your specific needs. The classification process has advanced significantly over the last several years. What used to be a tedious and fully manual process can now be accomplished through cloud-based technologies and an overlay of human ingenuity to ensure the record classification is accurate and validated.


Whether your records need to be captured from a paper format or are already in digital formats, we can build a solution to classify, refine, and activate your organization’s most valuable information.

Lack of Automation


When your records are in a paper format or the data they hold is locked inside megabytes of disorganized PDFs, your ability to create efficiency through automation is completely inhibited. By taking the time to classify data, your business has a great foundation for implementing smart, innovative workflows that allow your employees to focus on more important tasks or projects, increasing productivity and efficiency across the board.


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