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Learn how to turn all your organization’s content into accessible, structured data. Understand how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) accelerates decision-making, revenue cycles, and gets your stakeholders the answers they need right when they need it.


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How to open an OnBase support ticket


Spend 90 seconds with support to learn how to open a new OnBase support ticket. 





SQL drivers & ODBC info 


There are two important items to consider when creating the ODBC connection to the OnBase database:

→ Which database driver version should be installed and used when configuring.

→ Whether to use the 32-bit or 64-bit ODBC administrator when configuring.


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Microsoft SQL server version compatibility with Windows OS


Use the following table to determine the required Windows operating system version for different versions of MS SQL Server. See the source link at the end of this article for additional information.


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Beyond admissions: How to get your students enrolled and keep them there by Hyland


Student satisfaction is a critical element of institutional health – and it requires collaboration and efficiency across multiple departments and every stage of the university experience.


Watch the recording to explore Hyland software capabilities for financial aid, registrar, disability services, student advising, and success stories and lessons learned to power a more holistic student experience. 


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