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IT Directors

– System Administrators

– Business Analysts

Solutions Architect

– Enterprise Content Managers

Course Description


Building technical teams that are empowered to reach optimal performance is no easy feat – roadblocks and plateaus occur as your organization is slowed down by the churn of hiring. Learn more about gaining an OnBase ally and empowering your teams to be their happiest, most productive selves.

Top takeaways


  • Overcoming retention challenges is more than just getting a bigger team or upskilling – employee wellbeing is paramount
  • In order to build a healthy IT team that will last, you need to build a healthy culture. This includes sharing the value coming from your team’s function and projects with the rest of the organization.
  • Many strategic leaders are structuring their teams with a Hybrid approach. Augmenting staff and outsourcing administrative tasks to a trusted OnBase expert will allow your team to grow in the right direction.

Tour Guides




Andy Rutledge

Software Engineer, DataBank

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Scott McLean

Development Team Manager, DataBank

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Chris Masi

Business Analyst, DataBank

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Breanna Contreras

Solution Engineer, Professional Services, DataBank

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Elizabeth Kolseth

Program Manager, DataBank

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