Hyland WorkView allows users to configure software applications without the need for custom coding. With WorkView, you’ll be able to customize your applications to create document aware solutions that give you more visibility into your data and drive your productivity. 


The WorkView module within OnBase allows for additional options to handle business processes, especially when those processes are more data-centric than document-centric.  WorkView allows for point-and-click configuration of data models, filters for searching options, pages to display data meaningfully to users, as well as various other features that are built into the product.  This module is also integrated with OnBase documents and workflow, allowing for ease of integration with other features available within the overall OnBase platform.

Centralize Your Service Requests

Aggregate Help Desk tickets, claims, and invoices to centralize the tasks associated with your documents.

Solve Your Incident Requests Faster

Once your tasks and documents are centralized, you’re able to automate and streamline approvals. You’ll be resolving incident requests and tickets in a snap. 

Establish an Accurate Audit Trail

With WorkView, you’ll have one interface that displays the history of your documents. This knowledge and history of all business activities can also be applied to better manage future work.


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