Buying software should be easy. With Hyland’s Enterprise Subscription and your DataBank team, buying OnBase is easier, more predictable and more flexible than ever. 


Hyland’s Enterprise subscription-based pricing model was introduced in 2020 to address licensing from a solution-based approach. Think of it as buying the whole car, not just the parts. 


At DataBank, we’ll work with you to develop a recommendation for your subscription pricing so you get everything you need and get the best possible value for what you’re paying for. You’ll have a clear roadmap of your current and future pricing; instead of having to forecast what you think you might need in the future and potentially pay for more (or less) than what you need, it’s already accounted for and easier to add tiers or users. 

A Meal Deal instead of A La Carte

Instead of paying for dozens of different licenses and modules, you get the full solution for one subscription fee. With functional user tier pricing, you’re also able to mix and match your user tiers to account for occasional, frequent and power use. 

Choose from Good, Better, Best

An Enterprise subscription allows you to choose from a combination of three tiers, so you have more flexibility with your licensing and subscriptions. 


  • Essential – primary content management features plus Unity Integration Toolkit, Single Sign-on support, Reporting Dashboards, Image-Enablement integration availability and more. 
  • Standard – all the Essential features plus Workflow, Business Activity Monitoring, Electronic Forms, Document conversion support – the list goes on!
  • Premier – standard features and Full Business Application Configuration Toolkit, extended integration for Microsoft Outlook, Full-Text and Advanced Search


Plus access to add-ons and more than 40 integrations.

Simplified Fees and Predictable Costs

Pay one subscription-based fee for your OnBase system to get all the licenses, modules and add-ons you need. You’ll be better able to forecast the cost of managing your system and it’s easier than ever to scale OnBase across your organization.


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