Let’s modernize.

We see digital modernization as a journey, not a destination. Our services are designed so that we can partner with you and serve as your modernization sherpa, walking step by step together.

We want to help improve the way you work so that you can better serve your stakeholders. We think of DataBank services in five key groups.

Change Leadership


  • Process improvement
    • It all starts with understanding your current state. Processes are collaboratively mapped and our industry experts help to uncover efficiencies. 
  • Strategic planning
    • Define your organization’s current situation and outline measurable objectives to power road-mapping decisions. 
  • Organizational change management
    • Organizational improvements are only impactful when they are fully adopted internally.

Content Intelligence


  • Intelligent document processing
    • Document processing powered by AI to quickly and accurately structure your content and records
  • High-volume document scanning
    • Got (a lot of) paper? Let’s get it digitized so you can easily access your information and do cool stuff with it. 
  • Data structuring
    • All your documents, content, and records, classified and structured into machine-readable formats. Boom. 
  • Data validation
    • Technology can do a lot, but human validation is how we can guarantee at least 98% accuracy for your data

Data Management


  • Content services (ECM)
    • Securely control your organization’s data and information by allowing you to meaningfully organize, manage, and store all of your content in a single location.
  • Data warehouses
    • A data warehouse is one data management solution that serves as a centralized point to normalize and empower the activation of data form multiple sources and systems.
  • Hosting
    • Our team can help you understand the best custom solution and start angling your organization toward the shift.

Insights and Automation


  • Workflow automation
    • Combine power with simplicity with automated workflows, allowing you to see immediate improvements in core processes
  • Advanced analytics
    • These predictive tools allow you to use advanced statistical models to forecast trends, events and behaviors so you can be ready for anything.
  • Business intelligence
    • With effective business intelligence, you can have the confidence you need to help drive your organization’s performance.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Shift the burden of tedious and tiresome tasks away from your employees – freeing up their time to focus on higher-value tasks.


Amplification Services


  • Assist
    • Like your own personal OnBase assistant, taking on administrative tasks to keep you and your team running
  • Admin
    • OnBase assistance plus proactive support, monitoring, and reporting, plus management of some basic processes
  • Accelerate
    • Fully loaded OnBase administrative support and custom development. Everything you need to build or maintain OnBase.

What makes us different?


From our specialized delivery teams to our industry focus to our security and scale – we partner with you to drive results, not band-aid fixes.


Why DataBank?

This was a little bit about what we do. Want to learn more about how we do it?
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