Departments of Transportation and transit authorities share the goal of improving the traveler’s experience and providing a safe means for constituents to connect. But behind closed doors, your legacy system and outdated processes might be causing you your own internal disconnect with inaccurate data, time-consuming manual tasks and interdepartmental silos. 


If you can relate to this, it might be time to augment or replace your legacy system with modern infrastructure and processes that drive operational efficiency, employee collaboration and user experience, all with top security in mind.

Manual Tasks


Transportation agencies need to be able to respond to real-time traffic and road-related issues, not managing processes that are supposed to help your team work more efficiently, but are often burdened with outdated manual processes that slow them down when it comes to data entry, search and retrieval. If you’re burdened with outdated manual processes that drain your time and resources, automation tools like Workflow or robotic process automation (RPA) foster productivity and lead to happier employees. 

Lack of GIS Integration


Location plays an important role when it comes to managing your transportation infrastructure, and using a system that integrates with GIS mapping technology allows you to activate your maps as a component of retrieval, rather than manually searching through your database. This integration is included with OnBase, but we offer custom integrations for OnBase customers who have additional data parameters, like setting a radius, or for customers who have other content management systems that don’t currently allow integration. 


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