DataBank, a Kyocera Group Company, is a data activation and process improvement firm partnering with government, healthcare, and private sector clients to create efficiencies, power automation, enable strategic decision making and ultimately better serve stakeholders.


The team partners with clients to exhaustively analyze and re-engineer core processes, improving the intersections of humans and technology and solving underlying organizational pain points rather than applying short-sighted fixes based on technology alone. This philosophy empowers meaningful organizational change and allows our clients peace of mind and the ability to refocus on long-term strategic growth.


Our extensive strategic partner network awards us the ability to address process issues while remaining software agnostic and implementing long-term solutions.


The team is composed of experts with backgrounds in the industries they now serve, providing deep understanding and empathy for the obstacles our clients face. This experience has earned us a nationwide community of clients who are facing similar issues, co-creating unique solutions, and sharing knowledge with each other along the way.

Why DataBank
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