Dedicated technical support when you need it most

  • Call a single phone number for dedicated technical support
  • Get routed directly to an agent with recognizable phone numbers
  • Submit non-urgent issues at any time to queue up for assistance 
  • Place callback requests to reserve your place in line and our team will call you back
  • 24/7 production support for OnBase Certified Administrators 
  • 24/7 patient-care related support for healthcare clients

Regular monitoring and system health checks

  • OnBase Health Assessments ensure that the OnBase system is performing optimally and that the reliability and security of the system are enabling users to perform their work without avoidable interruptions or issues.
  • Prepare for the future of your OnBase system with comprehensive road map consultations and technical services tailored to help at any phase of the solution life cycle, from pre-upgrade to post-upgrade.

Additional education and after-hours access

  • Receive discounted rates on DataBank hosted events and keep your team’s knowledge in top shape with access to our educational training programs*.
    *Discount may be used toward DataBank training and events and cannot be applied toward CommunityLIVE, Tech Quest, or a Hyland training event.
  • Receive discounted rates on after-hours DataBank support and services with advanced notice
  • Gain access to vertical advisory services, partnerships, and support groups

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