You have countless options when it comes to your hosting solution – so why choose ours? 


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on hosting projects and we’ve seen the challenges most hosting environments present to a complex system like OnBase. The result is a comprehensive cloud hosting solution built specifically for Hyland OnBase and removes the restrictions we see so often with other hosting solutions. 


We don’t like to throw around the term “expert” – but we’re more than expert level when it comes to OnBase. Our partnership with Hyland has been forged over decades and there’s a reason why we’re the largest Hyland reseller in North America. 


DataBank is a services provider, not a software company, and we take the “serve” part seriously. We’re in the business of solving problems and helping people and that’s why we built The DataBank Cloud. 

Supercharged Accessibility


All the access you need to third-party integrations and external applications and direct database access is available. You also have the flexibility to host custom code and custom database components. In The DataBank Cloud, your data is secured and accessible, not locked down. 

Best-In-Class Data Protection


Powered by AWS, The DataBank Cloud gives you premium data security and system protection. You’re not vulnerable to the risks of on-prem hosting and you’re getting the best of the best in terms of data protection.

A Hosting Partner, Not Vendor


The DataBank Cloud is powered by the industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) and run by a dedicated team of cloud strategists, architects, and engineers at DataBank. The same people who built The DataBank Cloud are just a phone call away to troubleshoot, brainstorm and answer your questions.

Always On System Monitoring


With 24/7 system down monitoring, your OnBase platform is never off the grid, and it’s always up to date – every two years, you’ll get a full system upgrade as part of your subscription fee.

OnBase Without Red Tape


The DataBank Cloud is flexible and scalable, giving you what you need from cloud hosting without adding restrictions and red tape. Custom code and integrations are fully supported so you’re operations are business as usual. 

Simplified Hosting


Most hosting solutions sound simple, until you’re inundated with fees for hosting, for support and monitoring, and then a separate price just to migrate your data. The DataBank Cloud is a single, all-in-one subscription cost that covers managed hosting, storage costs and annual maintenance, and it includes a standard cloud migration. Pricing is based on your current annual OnBase fee meaning you’re not paying for more than you need. 

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