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Frequently Asked Questions


I think I need something outside of the options I’m seeing – is there a fourth option?

If you think you need something outside of what you see, or maybe a combination of two engagement models, let’s chat – we can definitely find a solution that works for you. 


What does it look like to engage with DataBank’s team during an Amp Services project? 

If you’re interested to learn more about how our support and engineering teams engage in Amplification Services projects, we’re happy to discuss in more detail, or you can hear from a few of our team members how they’ve helped some of our clients.


Why should I choose DataBank over other service providers?

DataBank is the largest OnBase reseller in North America, and our expertise has been honed from 20+ years working with the platform. When it comes to OnBase, we’ve done it all – every kind of configuration, tons of development work, trainings, and implementations for hundreds of clients, makin us a reliable staff augmentation or managed services partner.


Additionally, if you’re working with DataBank as your OnBase reseller, we’re already familiar with your system, making it that much easier to ramp up OnBase support. 


I have, or am, a systems administrator for OnBase – so how does Amp Services help me? 

Most of our clients using Amplification Services with DataBank have resident OnBase experts and system administrators – we’re not here to take their place. We can give your system admin a breather from the repetitive, basic tasks so they can focus on the bigger projects for your organization. 


However, if you’re down a system admin, we can take that role on fully at our Admin and Accelerate staff augmentation levels. We work with clients in many different capacities and can take on as much or as little as needed.  Learn more about the benefits by role.

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