Executive IT Leadership

You’re needing to shift your IT organization’s focus to serving both internal and external customers in a more productive manner. Modernizing and supporting digital investments is difficult if you’re stuck maintaining your complex, core systems. Your teams need and want additional support so they can become productive again and build new products that prove their value. DataBank’s Amplification Services provides those resources, so you can move your organization forward.


We help you prioritize ROI through:

  • Increased speed of service delivery
  • Modern, efficient business process contributions
  • Enabling collaborative, cross-departmental efforts


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IT Directors & Managers

Your teams are your first priority. You’ve felt the pressure of having to deliver top-tier service while also finding time to design and implement new solutions that make your users happy. You may have lost talented employees because they’re tired of working through mundane tasks everyday just to keep your systems kicking. DataBank’s Amplification Services frees up your teams to develop more innovative products while building a better, more exciting culture.


We help you prioritize your IT team by:

  • Minimizing disruptions like user-submitted tickets or system outages
  • Documenting OnBase systems processes that are typically lost
  • Empowering your team to make new contributions


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Systems Administrators

The number of backlogged tickets never goes down. You’re swimming in a database of growing demands. DataBank’s Amplification Services relieves you of the dull, repetitive tasks like managing OnBase user licenses or troubleshooting simple errors so you can start designing and implementing new solutions for your organization.


We help you prioritize innovative work by:

  • Handling the daily OnBase tickets that get in your way
  • Documenting OnBase processes that aren’t written down anywhere
  • Being an ally, supporting you in all things OnBase including those random scenarios you’d like quick answers to


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