Amplification Services help you reach your goals by getting the staffing roadblocks out of the way. We operate as both a staff augmentation and managed service provider, empowering your teams to move beyond maintenance and start building new solutions again.

I’m unsure where you fit in, but I need help.


If you know you need to support your team with OnBase, but are unsure how we’d engage with you, let’s chat it through.


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Why Amp Services?

Track by project

It’s hard to keep track of hours and sometimes even harder to meet project deadlines. Our scope of work is tied to delegated tasks, so we’re committed to finishing what we start.

OnBase masters

As the largest Hyland OnBase reseller in the U.S., we have a deep knowledge of the system and integrations across a range of industries and verticals that we happily share with your team.

Low commitment

Our straightforward pricing is combined with a short 6-month minimum commitment, so you don’t have to feel like you’re signing your life away.

Jump right in

We are consultants. We’re also experienced OnBase support and system engineers ready to get to work right now without a long lead time.

Your team deserves it

Your teams keep your organization running so preventing burnout and turnover are important. Read more on how Amp Services fits into your overall staffing strategy to support, grow, and retain your IT team.

Reprioritize innovation

Regain the time and space to achieve your goals and focus on the innovative projects that will move your organization forward.

Managed Hosting


Reallocate resources to valuable, more innovative projects while we manage hosting of your OnBase.


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"I think the most beneficial thing about the role that I play supporting a customer is that many times they have an OnBase system, and when you first put it in, it does what it needs to do, but they never have the time to grow the system. [OnBase] can do so many things, yet organizations don't have the time to really dig into those things because they're dealing with daily support issues."

Greg Kuebel, Professional Services Support Engineer & OnBase System Administrator, DataBank

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