Your business applications are critical for everyday operations. Whether you rely on your ERP, HR tools, claims processing, lending, electronic medical records, student information, or other essential systems, these drive your core processes.


However, when working with these applications, users frequently rely on information stored elsewhere to make decisions. OnBase acts as a central repository for this information, intelligently linking the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other applications.

Nintex to OnBase Connector


Our in-house developed connector allows you to interact with OnBase from Nintex Workflows using the Xtensions platform. The connector has the following basic CRUD functions:

  • Archive a document into OnBase
  • Retrieve a document from a search or by document ID
  • Retrieve/Update a document’s keywords
  • Retrieve a document’s properties
  • Delete a document in OnBase
  • Send metadata to an OnBase Unity Form

Salesforce OnBase Integration

The DataBank Salesforce OnBase Integration allows Salesforce users to retrieve and view OnBase documents directly from a Salesforce record. Users can import new documents into OnBase, and create new E-Forms or new Unity Forms from within the Salesforce interface. Salesforce objects and fields can be mapped to OnBase document types and keywords to allow for auto-indexing.



  • Access documents related to a Salesforce record without ever leaving the record.
  • Eliminate the need to store documents in Salesforce. Documents only need to be stored in one location: OnBase.
  • Allow Salesforce users to work with OnBase documents without having to learn OnBase.
  • OnBase User Security is enforced within Salesforce.

DataBank Wrapper API


Wrapper API is a simplified version of API that is used to communicate with OnBase. It contains complex Unity Code that is written into simple functions for connecting, disconnecting, searching, retrieving, updating, and deleting documents. This easy-to-use code was written using Hyland Unity API best practices. It is only comprised of .NET types and contains a collection of generic common helper functions. It is important to note that the Wrapper API is not an actual integration or web service.



  • Automatically stay updated on Hyland’s API
  • No API certifications required
  • Reduces coding time and effort
  • Replaces repetitive development tasks with simplified functions
  • Removes the need to learn complex API calls

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