IT Leadership


Your goal is to increase service to other departments and show return on investment in information systems within your organization, while allowing for innovation and modernization from your team with the goal of creating an even better patient experience. With Amplification Services, you can drive your organization forward with additional support for all the OnBase tasks your team doesn’t want to do. Enhance job satisfaction and worth by giving employees the time back to focus on the projects that truly matter.


HIM Leadership


You are inundated with data and maintenance tasks that drive your team to hours upon hours of administrative tasks that take away from more important projects to help increase productivity for physicians and payers and reduce the value of your team. Amplification Services reduces maintenance burdens and tasks with an additional team member to do it for your team. This team member is already trained and ready to help you create complete and compliant patient health records to help develop and assist you in upgrading your patient data experience.

System Admin


Want to stop doing distracting maintenance tasks and focus on growing your knowledge and expertise? DataBank’s Amplification Services doesn’t replace your team, but our experts are ready to help eliminate annoying administrative burdens and help you focus on creating better processes and experiences through OnBase’s capabilities.

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