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Document Scanning, Houston

Providing best-in-class business process solutions to the Houston area—including document scanning services, conversion services, content management and more.

Your organization will benefit from our state-of-the-art Houston production center’s comprehensive document scanning services, conversion services and customized content management solutions. Servicing Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Southeastern Texas, our Houston facility can help you simplify your business processes—improving efficiency and quality while reducing overhead costs.

We put decades of hands-on experience in your industry to work, including:

….and more.

Our specific, process improvement solutions are designed to meet your industry requirements and unique organizational needs, simplifying your processes each step of the way.

DataBank Specialties

Document Scanning & Conversion Services

We specialize in scanning and converting of your documents to digital image formats, regardless of size. With our flexible scanning solutions, your documents—including engineering drawings, aperture cards, land and well files, land leases and plot maps, well logs, and any paper documents—can be accurately, quickly scanned, instantly routed to your Enterprise Content Management, and physically stored at your facility or ours. We even offer box storage and certified destruction services for the physical documents you’ll no longer need.

Microfilm Solutions

When you need microfilming, microfilm converted to digital, or digital converted to microfilm services, our Kodak InfoGuard certified lab delivers superior quality results.

Digital Mailroom

If your organization deals with large volumes of inbound and outbound mail, we can provide the management tools required to completely digitize and improve your processes—saving you time and money.

End-to-End Solutions

Our experts work hand-in-hand with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes, pinpointing areas that are slowing you down. From there, we design and implement complete solutions that optimize the way you work each step of the way.

Our Team

Our experienced, tenured staff help you ensure your critical business information is always where it needs to be. We utilize the latest, proven software (including OnBase, Kofax and Digitech) and advanced hardware to help improve productivity and reduce costs, all within one of the industry’s most secure SAS 70 Type II certified environments.

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Why DataBank?

We are North America’s leading end-to-end business process solution provider. With the most experience in the industry, we’re proud to offer award-winning solutions to thousands of customers nation-wide—backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our mission is simple: to help organizations like yours simplify their business processes.


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