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DataBank offers comprehensive solutions that address all of our clients’ document management requirements – without the need to convert all of their documents to electronic data, and without the associated upfront costs.

  • If you need a document that is still on paper or microfilm, and is stored at a remote location, how long does it take to get the information you need? Is that time frame acceptable?
  • Do you have documents stored on film that are not easily retrievable, or paper documents taking up valuable office space?
  • Do you wish you could take files, no longer required for immediate or frequent access, and store them securely at another facility?
  • Would you like those same files to be retrieved at the box, folder, document and image level, and sent to you electronically, when needed?

Eliminating large volumes of paper from your office is traditionally accomplished by offsite storage or document scanning. DataBank’s Scan On Demand services increase your efficiency in managing documents / files - reducing your operating and overhead costs, yet providing swift accessibility to your files when needed.

We provide:

  • Secure facilities for box storage and microfilm storage
  • Upon request, microfilm/paper document scanning and upload into your document repository (or faxed to you) within minutes
  • Fast, 24/7 access via our secure web portal and secure fax within our SOC Type II certified environments
  • Pay-per-retrieval - reducing your operating costs and eliminating capital expenditure

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