Insurance Claims Processing

Auto adjudication, straight-through processing, no-touch handling -regardless of what you call it, it's about handling each claim (from simple to sophisticated) with precision and speed.

DataBank provides the essential information to process claims and handle exceptions in one centralized location with the OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

After optimizing their claims processing workflows, insurance companies using OnBase typically report at least a 50% increase in speed of processing and efficiency improvements.

DataBank provides claims users the ability to:

  • Fight fraud and abuse
  • Handle exceptions and reporting
  • Ensure consistent claims processing and handling
  • Provide instant access to the information and supporting documentation
  • Utilize customizable folders and tab views to manage missing documents
  • Integration with existing claims applications for quick document retrieval

Eliminate wasted time searching for missing documents. With easy to use color-coded tabs and templates, OnBase Folders saves claims teams time and aggravation, and can double production of your existing employees.

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Eliminate wasted time searching for missing or absent documents.

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