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Create paperless offices campus-wide, lower operating costs and automate processing. 

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Higher Education Business Process Solutions

Paperless admissions

Enhance the Student Experience, Streamline Document Processing, Improve Operations Campus-wide

Enrollment, Student Services, Alumni Relations and Business Office Operations create critical demands for institutions of Higher Education. Efficiently managing related documents directly enhances student satisfaction, improving mobility for educational growth, and reducing office operational costs.

As a leader in document and content management services for Higher Education, we know the importance of providing paperless solutions tailored to the enrollment goals and strategy objectives of your institution.

By transitioning to a digital services platform, your campus is transformed from a paper-based, labor-intensive operation into a streamlined organization where professional staff can focus on what they do best.

Enhance Student Experience by providing fast and accurate student services - OCR and Automation accelerate admission approvals and credit transfer evaluations.

Streamline Document processing to ensure Enrollment goals are met - Workflow automation distributes student records to appropriate departments at the click of a finger.

Improve Admissions and Financial processing to ensure you acquire and retain the best candidates - Automation and process streamlining distributes documents for approvals faster so that your University remains ahead of the competition.

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