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Contact a DataBank financial services integration specialist and learn how you can become more competititve with advanced service offerings.

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Financial Services ECM

Simplify the management of documents, attract & retain customers, and improve records compliance

DataBank provides financial institutions with solutions to process and manage the high volumes of business information surrounding paper, electronic documents, unstructured systems data, and their related record retention policies. Our technology solutions span banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies including headquarters, branch locations, and the front and back office. We are uniquely positioned to help align business processes and workflow solutions delivered on-premise, in the cloud, or on mobile devices with real-time access to content from anywhere.

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DataBank’s solutions promote effectiveness and efficiency in banking operations and can automate and integrate seamlessly with core banking, lending and teller applications.

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Credit Unions

Deliver superior member service with rapid access to accurate and complete information and documentation. Speed your internal processes and  improve decision-making.

 describe the image Commercial Lending

DataBank’s solutions integrate seamlessly with loan origination systems - driving Lower costs, shorter closing timelines and improved transparency in lending.

mergers Mergers & Acquisitions

Streamline acquisitions and core conversion projects with imaging and data conversion services that will deliver your acquired customer/member records accurately, securely and on-time.

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Mobile Banking Solutions

Offer differentiated service levels to customers/members with the ability to work anywhere, anytime, using smartphones and tablets. Stay connected to key business metrics through mobile connectivity.