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Document Imaging & Conversion Services

DataBank’s document imaging solutions allow you to easily transform documents into digital images that can be saved electronically and accessed anytime or anywhere. By imaging paper documents such as invoices, contracts, medical records, applications or general correspondence, you can quickly access these electronic images and share them with anyone with the appropriate user privileges.

If your goal is to eliminate the time wasted in the creation, management, and transportation of paper documents, DataBank can assist your organization by increasing operational efficiency and productivity while focusing on the best activities to drive your bottom-line profitability.

Common Problems a Document Imaging Solution can Address:

  • Paper documents that are difficult to find and manage
  • Increasing storage and mailing costs
  • Storage of documents in common, non-proprietary file formats
  • Security and compliance concerns
  • Collaboration challenges for users in different locations

DataBank provides end-to-end imaging and document management solutions backed by the highest quality technology partners including:

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