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DataBank implements the OnBase Governance, Risk, & Compliance Solution which provides the ability to rapidly and cost effectively build a flexible and reliable compliance framework for any organization.

This solution is designed to meet the demands of regulated vertical markets, and to comply with internal policies regarding risk, accountability and corporate governance.

The modular architecture of OnBase helps organizations adapt quickly when new regulations are adopted or existing ones are amended.

Effectively Manage:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Gramm-Leach-Billey
  • USA Patriot Acts
  • Section 508
  • Medicare RAC
  • Risk Management, Internal Audit and Policy Management

Key Risk Reduction Benefits:

  • Facilitate the process of documenting and testing internal controls
  • Automate compliance and audit processes
  • Retain, retrieve and distribute control-related documents
  • Automate and strengthen internal control processes
  • Facilitate document retention, document retrieval and a solid audit trail
  • Expand the usage of ECM across the enterprise
  • Validate acknowledgement or approval of policies, procedures and actions

Integrated Platform - Flexible Options

Built on the integrated OnBase platform. The OnBase GRC Management Solution is made up of three components which provide flexible options for every layer of your content-driven business processes:

Front-End Compliance Project Management

This component ensures proper documentation of controls, policy and procedure management, audit testing, investigation management, issue tracking, incident management, electronic work papers, and report and documentation generation — all while providing a collaborative environment for GRC assessment.

Day-to-Day Business Process Improvement & Automation

The inherent ECM capabilities of OnBase include: imaging, storage, retrieval and workflow. Improve, standardize and automate day-to-day business processes for increased efficiencies across the enterprise. Easily develop procedures to ensure adherence with on-going compliance requirements.

Back-End Retention and Archival

OnBase provides security and retention based on specific regulatory requirements by providing email archiving, document retention, policy and procedure compliance, and physical and electronic records management. Security and retention of documents and data inherently strengthens disaster recovery protocols. DataBank also provides system back-up services through BackStop, which also meets many compliance needs surrounding disaster recovery and back-up.

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